Thursday, June 4, 2009

Charm Holiday Brush Set Prebuy Special!!!

I can't believe it! Beauty and Minerals opened another prebuy season for the Charm Holiday Brush Set! I never thought they'd have it available again since I've been asking about this for quite a long time now...I wasn't able to get one when they first tried to sell it since I don't know too much about make up before. But now that I know a little, thanks to my idol beauty bloggers, I am lemming for this ever so popular make up tool!

I don't have pictures cause I'm afraid of borrowing one, but you can check those pink cuties from this post!

It said "Prebuy Period : June 2 to July 1, 2009" which gives me enough time to squeeze the amount of just Php 850.00 in my June 30th budget! Yehey! Hubby already knows about this, so it's okay. He's actually been waiting for it too! :)

Love lots,


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