Friday, June 12, 2009

The Happy Shirt Will Make You Happy

Tired of the usual shirts you see in shopping malls? Ever thought of a good t-shirt shout out but never got to find one? Then let THE HAPPY SHIRT make you happy!

Hubby and I should wear this!

Is this mine?

so anime.. .

More than a year and sooo in love, these two!

Teehee! I never thought I'd ever admire my younger brother and his girlfriend in any way until they came up with this! My brother is 19 and his girlfriend just turned 18. And what good entrepreneurs they are! Not to mention being a good artist as well because they are the ones who come up and make all of the shirts! Guess it runs in the family....hehehe!

my younger brother, Ian!

my brother's girlfriend, Camille!

Please support these two in their business as it is quite rare to see people from the younger generation take their futures sooo seriously. Visit their online store at now!

Love lots,


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