Saturday, June 13, 2009

Staying Beautiful...

Yes...I am beautiful! If you don't even believe that you are, then who else will? Right?! And being a mom can be very challenging, not to mention time consuming! Especially if you have other responsibilities on the side, like your career, your husband, your circle of friends and family...All these are not excuses for any mom to look "loshiang"! And I must admit, I've had a fair share of loshiang days! But I always look in the mirror and ask myself "Is this the look I'd like to remain with?"...

Here's what I learned to stay a pretty mom...forever:

1. Get enough rest/sleep. We will never be wonder woman! So, it's perfectly OK to ask for help. Designate tasks to people around you instead of just keeping them all to your own. Prepare a schedule or a daily plan wherein you can get to do the things your good at and leave the rest to
your hubby or the helper.

2. Take as much supplements as you need to. Never ever scrimp on your own health! A few pesos spent on vitamins and minerals does a lot compared to those few pesos spent on medicines and hospital bills. You know the ad saying "more energy, mas happy"? I am a night shifter and I've noticed that I tend to just sleep when I get home when I didn't take supplements. But then I decided to stock up some multivitamins and vitamin C and voila! ...I have more time to play with my daughter, cook food
, blog, and not to mention, get some lovin' with the hubby! ..."Mas happy" indeed!

3. Insert exercise in your oh so busy schedule. 30 minutes of walking, running or doing yoga works wonders for both your mind and body as it helps you concentrate and it prepares your muscles for more strenuous work ahead. If it would really be impossible to get 30 minutes off your other responsibilities, then squeeze them in your everyday life: take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk or bike a short distance errand, scrunch your tummy muscles while sitting up straight, etc.

4. Buy enough beauty products to sustain your regimen. It
varies with people...but for me, my necessities would include shampoo, conditioner, once a week hair treatment, body scrub, facial scrub, facial wash, body soap, body lotion, facial toner, moisturizer with SPF, eye cream, face primer, mineral foundation, cheek tint, lip balm and a neutral lipstick. It would also be a bonus if the products you put on your face and body have SPF of at least 20 because uva/uvb rays make your skin look older.

5. Pamper yourself once in a while. It doesn't have to be a monthly or a weekly routine. As long as you feel the need for a salon treatment, manicure, pedicure or what not...g
o ahead! If the budget doesn't permit a professional to do it, then D-I-Y! There are a lot of salon or spa procedures that can be done at the comfort of your own home using your kitchen utilities and ingredients!

6. Make an effort to really look your best, EVERYTIME! We can always envy those out of the shower beauties whose hair may be messed up, skin -bare, outfit -anything goes but still look gorgeous kinds. Or take the time to style our hair, enhance our face and choose our clothes. You'll never know...your husbands ex might bump into you while you do your grocery!

7. Be informed on what's new in the beauty industry. It helps
to be informed and there are a lot of magazines and beauty blogs you can check out. You don't always have to follow the trends. What's important is you update your look as regularly as possible to avoid looking the same come high school grand reunion types of events.

8. Create a family plan and stick to it. Nothing would exhaust you more than having 2 or more toddlers in the same kulit age range and no choices. I had one day with my niece, Lilay, who's turning 4 this August and Lilay + 18 month old Ella? Goodluck! I originally asked to borrow her overnight but when the mother said she can't bear being without her kid come night time, I immediately obliged!

9. Have enough time to do the things that really make you happy. Attend charity events, go out with your family, have a date with hubby, cook, paint, sing, dance, etc. Keep in touch with your inner spirituality. Be good. Praise the Lord. Be grateful. Love others. Happy, loving and grateful people radiate beauty from within.

Trying to follow these steps, I have come up with this:

Not bad eh? Save from the fact that I haven't really shed off most of my maternity weight.

...hubby and me before Ella

Heheh! But as long as you feel beautiful, it doesn't matter what size of clothes you fit in. Nothing beats a compliment or two from my avid fan, Drew!

'Til our next beauty chit chat...
Love lots,


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