Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day Bessy!!!

Father's Day has come and gone again...It had been Drew's 2nd time and we had more than one way to celebrate how special he is to us...

Day 1: Mommy and Daddy Date last July 18, 2009

I was surprised because I intentionally planned a date with him using part of our budget to pay for everything. But then that day, a lot of his customers purchased speakers from him, adding a good sum enough to pay for our date. After a delivery somewhere in Libis, hubby and I went to KFC libis and ate a light snack there; Strolled around Eastwood and got a couple of stuff. And my, look at what he got me:

...seems like it's mothers' day!

We headed for SM Megamall and did some window shopping; Ate dinner at Tokyo Tokyo where I ordered my favorite Beef Misono; and watched the last full show of Angels and Demons. I really love watching conspiracy theory movies because it makes me want to learn more of the truth. The only thing I don't appreciate about Dan Brown's works is that in his attempt to make his stories unpredictable, it becomes more predictable. Say, the person who appears to be the villain is really the good one and vice versa...

We went home with a lot of chit chat and reminiscing about the times it was only me and him...But were not sad nor regretful. In fact life is more wonderful now that we're 3!!!

...tired but proud mom & dad!

Day 2: Freebie Day last July 20, 2009

We claimed our free Choko Karnival Doughnut from Krispy Kremes Ayala Avenue branch. How did we get them? Check this site out! I didn't intentionally time it for father's day. It just so happened that it coincided with the celebration. Drew loves chocolate so he really enjoyed the experience.

Another freebie was the package I got from Veet for winning grand prize for this contest. I was sooo glad about winning this because not only is my story a memorable anecdote of our pre baby days, but I also needed a good method of getting rid of bodily hairs! Another thing is there is an option to veetify someone you know, so I did one for my sister-in-law who already uses Veet and I suddenly became her favorite sis (...she doesn't have anyone else btw, LOLZ!) wonderful gift pack from VEET! Thanks!

Day 3: Haggard Swimming Session on the day itself, July 21, 2009!

Drew has a father and I don't. So of course, aside from celebrating Drew as dad, Drew's father needs some form of recognition too. So they invited us to a swimming session at the Philippine Navy followed by dinner at the Marines Clubhouse. We had work the night before father's day and also had work the night after it (so you can see how I got the subtitle...). But even though the tight schedule, I was still able to cook up pancit canton for my favorite dad, Drew, by lunchtime.

Ok, so we didn't come to the Ayala Malls events...but then again, we're too afraid of the swine flu. But don't you think we were able to have a good time with our alternatives?

How about you, how was your Father's Day celebration?


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