Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cheap But Excellent Getaway at the La Mesa Eco Park!

Are you looking for a nice pre-back-to-school gimmick with your family? Why not try the La Mesa Eco Park at Quezon City. We have been there a few months back and it was really worth a visit or two if you're looking for a getaway in the city. Not only are you amusing yourselves with a piece of nature, but you are also contributing to the welfare of the La Mesa Watershed!

Posing at the Shell Flower Terraces

The entrance path to La Mesa Eco Park

Resting under the shade of a tree a good picnic

Ella, enjoying a close encounter at the butterfly sanctuary

There are other things to do aside from site seeing like fishing, boating, horse back riding and swimming! Unfortunately, we weren't able to maximize our trip because we were just invited by hubby's parents right after a good night's work. Haha! But Ella had a good time so everything was all worth it!

Visit the website of La Mesa Eco Park for more details and schedule a trip for a cause today!

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