Thursday, April 22, 2010

Your Every Woman Is A Year Old!

I cannot believe it! My blog is a year old now! And although not a lot of people get to read it from here, I'm still happy that I've posted a lot already. This may not be too useful for others, but I know it's going to be useful for my kid (/s) when she (/they) grows up. It documents everything I learned as a woman and everything else linked to being one. It also displays who I am, what I love to do and what I believe in.

I'm really happy and I hope I learn more enough to keep posted on this blog.

I'm sorry but I don't have a really cool blog giveaway on its birthday, but I'm very grateful. Thanks to the people who comment on my posts and to those who have followed add up to the family that keeps this blog alive!

Going back, I was overwhelmed by the whole blogging thing that I even tried, at great lengths, to get others to read my blog. I posted ads on and my multiply site. I attempted to open a mini segment that I wasn't able to add up to -to date! I posted comments on other bloggers' websites and linked the comments back to me. Instant popularity from blogging is really tempting! Good thing I was able to remember what I started blogging for and stuck with it.

Now I laugh at the things I did and consider them embarrassing. The only thing I don't regret having done was commenting on other bloggers' posts because it is from them that I learned a lot, and even more when they answered my questions and reponses. Some of them even became Internet friends and advisors!

Moving forward, I already started manually updating Facebook with my posts here so that my actual friends there would have the chance to read my posts. Most of them don't blog and just rely on FB to get updated with me. It's the interaction that matters more now, 'cause these people already know me. I want to share my parenting advocacies and beauty enthusiasm with them and if it helps people they know, they can share it too...just like in the movie "Pay It Forward".

Here's to another year of learning!!! CHEERS!

your every woman,


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