Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Shot at Two-Winged Lining + Rants on Etude House' Lip and Eye Make Up Remover

I was watching Michelle Phan's videos and got very interested with double-winged eye lining. I did it on myself with black eyeshadow and this is how it turned out:

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Custom-made bronzer applied as eyeshadow over entire lid
Ever Bilena Advanced Eyeshadow in Cleo on outer v and mixed with BE Weather Everything Liner Sealer to line eyes

I liked the effect it did on my eyes because gap between the 2 wings made my eyes look bigger than they actually are. And from afar, other people could mistake the wings for thick and long eyelashes

I applied and wore the eye make up in an airconditioned environment from 12mn until 9am and a non A/C'd environment from 9am until 2pm. You can see how the primer and liner sealer kept most of it in tact. And then came removal time...

I bought Etude House' Lip and Eye Make Up Remover after running out of L'oreal Gentle Lip and Eye make up remover to save about half the price. Etude House' costs Php198 for a 100ml bottle while L'oreal's cost around Php400 for a 125 ml bottle. Are they comparable?

the cotton didn't absorb much of the color

almost 80% of the eyeliner was left

Hell no! I moistened the piece of cotton ball and placed it over my lids for about 2 mins and this is what I got. The product doesn't "dissolve" the make up, it just loosens it. I can get the same results if I used oil! And then I'd have to rub or apply pressure on my poor eyes just to remove all the make up.

That purchase was such a big dissapointment because the reason I buy make up removers is to keep me from causing premature sagging on my eyes while still enjoying make up on it. (If you noticed, I've already caused a bunch.) Etude House' just defeated that purpose.I should've shelled out more and bought L'oreal's which already worked for me, for Nikki of AskMeWhats and Jheng of IAmSutil's Abubots.

Is there something I liked about it? Yes...cute packaging and a sort of ylang-ylang scent. But those don't help in removing make up.

your every woman,


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