Thursday, March 4, 2010

Custom Made Bronzer

One of the perks of using mineral make up is that you can use it in a gazillion of ways! And you don't have to worry about missing a color because you can easily mix them.

I realized this the best when I wanted a bronzer. Something that wouldn't be too obvious and would just give my face a hint of color when I wear a no-make up look. Our bi-weekly budget was too tight to give me some money for a new bronzer. Good thing I had a lot of multipurpose minerals!

I mixed Luminare mineral eyeshadow in Matte Soft Brown, Ellana blush in Affection and Ellana multipurpose minerals in Dawn and Desire. I wouldn't be able to give exact measurements, but the ingredients were posted in order of greater quantity in my bronzer. There's no mistake in doing this anyway, just mix, mix and mix to get the shade you want!

mpm's mixed on a large plastic container and transferred to an mmu sifter

I personally don't like to mix to get my foundation shade because it's too complicated for me (Imagine having a different shade of foundation every mix?). Eyeshadows, blushers, bronzers and highlighters which can be mixed in smaller amounts, without worrying about copying the exact shade next time, are my thing for now.

without flash vs. with flash...notice some golden shimmer with the color

I can't get very good lighting to show my whole face with the bronzer on...But well, that was my purpose anyway --a no make up, healthy and glowing skin look!

Like it? Try it!

your every woman,


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