Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ellana Pure Blend Mineral Foundation in Macchiato

I'm really happy when I found out that Ellana came up with a foundation shade darker than Caffe Latte! I was used to Luminare Mineral Make Up's Mellow Sunset because the make up itself is not oily and it matched my skin tone perfectly. But since I'd have to cut costs due to my recently limited vanity budget, I'd have to find something more affordable.

I, thinking that it's a relatively new foundation shade (although I'm not sure how new it was on their line), got mine from the website instead of the weekend kiosks at SM Malls. This one is their Pure Blend variant, the concealer-foundation in 1, which is Php420 per 6g. I also indulged myself with their baby buki brush, which is nice, soft and definitely a good buy, considering its price at Php300 apiece.

I used to think that Ellana minerals are a bit too oily for my liking. But this one is not oily AT ALL... maybe because of the variant...maybe because my skin is drier now...I can't tell! But I definitely love the way it appears on my skin! It evens out my skin tone, like I don't have make up on!

bare, just washed face vs. face with Ellana pure blend foundation in macchiato

This is the overall appearance of the foundation on my face plus a bronzer I made myself (more on that soon) applied on my cheeks! (My forehead looks like an airport doesn't it?) This shot was taken while I was playing with my make up last night...under normal lighting in our living room.

I believe I'm not the darkest skinned yellow undertoned person here in the Philippines, so I hope Ellana comes up with deeper shades. Moreover, it's summer and it's almost inevitable to be under the sun, so skin will get darker. Their products are one the most affordable quality mineral make ups I've tried, so it would be very nice if they can cater to a wider range of darker skin.

your every woman,


  1. Mmm I love Ellana! I also have to mix my foundation to get my perfect shade, but I dump them all in one huge container so I get a big batch of my shade all at once. I just love mineral makeup! :D

    And their baby buki brush is so cheap! I have one that's about 1k from body shop... ugh!

  2. i used to mix 2 shades from luminare to match my skin too...but their mmu is a bit pricey,w/c means having to buy 2 shades robs my wallet more!

    ellana is definitely a budget saver!

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