Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why It Is Important to Plan the Family

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I am a worry wart and an OC. Planning keeps me sane. In fact, if something doesn't go according to plan, I kinda freak out! ...But that is what my husband is for! Can you imagine messing up on a task you were assigned on? How much more planning should it take if you were to raise successful individials?

I must admit, there wasn't a lot of planning when I conceived Ella. But coming from a not-too-perfect family, Drew and I became very conscious of what Ella's future may hold. We were not born with a silver spoon, so it wouldn't be too easy raise a child...more so, children. Here are 3 major factors why we thought it wise to plan our family:

1. Financial Reasons.
There are a lot of expenses that entail having a child. Let me enumerate them:
-Prenatal Care and Delivery. About 200-1000php professional consultation fee for the OB; 300-500 per month for prenatal supplements.; 25-50k for a normal delivery and 50-100k+ for a caesarian delivery.
-Child's Health and Wellness. Aside from spending for the child's routinary health care and a must- have emergency fund, there is also an immunization scheme to prevent our darlings from catching illnesses. And my, was I shocked to find out how much some of them were. Not all vaccines can be acquired free from the government health center. You'll notice that the price of nutrition nowadays will take a significant percentage of the family budget.
-Child's Education. Have you kept track of how much it would be to send a child to good school? It's a lot different from how much was spent for us that I wouldn't want to think about preschool!
-Basic Necessities. Of course we all know what this is for.
-Leisure and Recreation. A family must be financially comfortable to be able to enjoy quality time with each other.

2. Women's Reproductive Health.
I really can't discuss this in detail. But let's put it this way, I have almost jeopardized Ella's prenatal life just because the timeline between her and the baby I had complications with wasn't too long. Ella had to be delivered via CS because of placenta previa. And when the placenta came out, the OB said it looked like leftovers.

3. Child's Hollistic Development.
This is something I'd like to elaborately discuss. I strongly believe that more than education, the best gifts parents can give their children is good upbringing and positive values. All of the parent's decisions can make or break a child's future. I am overly concerned about how the world can scar and mold the personality of my child, but I will not always be with her (...or them). The only thing I can do is make sure that I equip her (/them) with what she (/they) needs to emerge victorious in this life. Come to think of it, the most successful people aren't always the well-educated. Charice Pempengco, for instance, shouldn't have been where she is right now if not for the confidence and perseverance she acquired from the guidance of her mother.

We're working parents, which means not all of our time is spent with our kid. But when we're home, we make it a point that we contribute to Ella's hollistic development everyday. And if she's emotionally ready to be mostly on her own and accept a younger and more demanding sibling, then I guess we could add to the family! I don't think we can closely monitor 2 or more kids in the same age range while in their "kulit" phase.

So there! I know some people think that we should already give Ella a sibling, and I can agree that she may be ready, or may need one...or both. But I guess what I'm saying is that the whole family MUST be ready and NOTHING can be compromised.

Family planning isn't just a question of whether to use contraceptives or not. It's about planning the family's success. I really want this family to work and if planning can contribute to the family peace and contentment, I'm more than willing to take on the job!

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