Friday, August 6, 2010

My Natural Brow Shape

The first time my virgin eyebrows were touched was in 4th year High School when the school hired a person, who claimed to be the make up artist of the Sexbomb Dancers, prepared our faces for graduation pictures. Well, I sure looked like some dancer with very thin eyebrows afterwards! Since then, my eyebrows didn't appear to be in very good shape. I was just following the pattern from that first shave, although not as thin. I was inspired to follow this post when I saw Maybelline eye make up models from a Sundance brochure. I was so satisfied with the results! Check it out:

You can tell the difference with my Facebook profile pic! Now, I am the master of my eyebrow shape! It wasn't really easy, but here are some of the things I did that kept me from tweezing before the project is ready:

- Don't wear too much make up, especially on the eyes. You wouldn't want to draw too much attention on your eyes. I only used cheek tint and lipbalm the entire time.

- Don't look at the mirror often. I don't know if it's just me, but when I constantly see myself in the mirror, that's when I notice all the imperfections...then I tend to do something about them.

- Do clear stray hairs. If you feel like you are looking a little werewolfy everyday, you can tweeze hairs that are obviously away from your desired eyebrow shape. This way, your eyes would appear a little cleaner and brighter.

- Do comb your eyebrows. Make it appear like it has taken on your desired eyebrow shape even though you haven't tweezed/shaved it yet. You can apply clear gel or wax to keep the hairs in place.

- Don't rush into tweezing. When you finally notice that you have grown your natural eyebrow shape back, schedule a special time for the tweezing session that may take 15 to 30 mins.

After 3 months, I knew I was ready to groom my brows. I prepared a small mirror, a mascara spoolie brush to comb my eyebrows, tweezers and light gray brow pencil for the task. I did it after I put Ella to her afternoon nap so that I can't be pressured into settling for "pwede na". In broad afternoon light, I very lightly patterned the natural shape of my eyebrows and began tweezing from the outside coming in, one hair at a time. When I felt that I've already reached my desired eyebrow shape, I faced our big mirror to get a bigger view of my eyebrows and made tweaks from there.

It's totally worth the wait, you should try it too!

your every woman,


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