Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ella's Potty Traning Part 2

Do you remember how we were able to save diaper fund and the world on Ella's part 1 of potty training? Guess what? After 5 months since that last post, I'd have to congratulate Ella for being able to proactively poop in the toilet! Yey!

I used a clever suggestion from a mom at to tell Ella that the fishes eat poop to live. After watching "Finding Nemo" and learning that everything will eventually flow to the sea, she felt responsible for feeding the fish. Once the poop come out, she would always say "Now the fish has something to eat!" with a contented smile on her face! And she doesn't ask for a companion in the restroom anymore. She'll just call us when she's done!

That gets us down to one nappy a night...something we hopefully manage to eliminate before she turns 3!

Thanks Ella for not giving us a hard time as working parents...we love you a lot!

your every woman,


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