Thursday, June 3, 2010

Keeping Volume on Long Hair

Do you notice that you hair is losing its body, especially near the scalp? But do you also slather on conditioner everyday for fear of getting dry and split ends on hair you've been trying to grow longer for the last couple of months?

Me...wishing I'd lose some "body" from my figure and not from my hair!

I am one of a possible lot of you who've answered yes to those questions. I've tried not conditioning my hair but it turns out to be dry and frizzy. I also tried alternating shampoo and conditioner every other day and the results vary every day. But then I went back to basics and got an idea!

We all know that natural oils come out from the roots of our hair right? It's just that sometimes, when the hair is too long, the oils are not enough to cover the entire shaft of hair, leaving its ends dry.

So now, when I shampoo my hair, I focus on massaging my scalp and leave it to the lather to clean up the entire length of my hair. Then, when I apply conditioner, I only apply it on the lower half of my hair. You'll notice the difference in softness and smoothness when you rinse, but that should be ok. The natural oils should come out from the roots when you comb your hair anyway and that will equalize the moisture! Just make sure to use a wide toothed comb while air drying wet hair and brush it when it's dry.

Please do tell me if this works for you too!

your every woman


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