Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's Another Charm Pro Travel Brush Set Prebuy Season!

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I was ecstatic when I opened my email earlier to see Beauty and Minerals' latest announcement:

"CHARM TRAVEL PRO PRE-BUY The Charm Travel Pro Sets are open for PRE-BUYING! Get to pre-pay your Charm Travel Pro Set, and get a discount, and get freebies!
Pre-buy period : June 1 to July 10, 2010. All payments must be in by July 10, 2010.
PRE-BUY SPECIAL PRICE : P 1,600.00 ( exclusive of shipping )
Includes : The Charm Travel Pro Set, a sample of CURE Aqua Gel, and a free mineral eyeshadow (1/8 tsp, in sachet) chosen by us."

Timing that I was discussing my pathetic concern to my hubby about not having a personal brush set just a couple of minutes before opening my email...

me: it's june, and the version 2 charm brush set i was telling you about isn't out yet..
hubby: ? (clueless)
me: remember i sold the charm holiday brush set to buy the bigger brush set only to find out that it's out of stock? and then sophie found a single set for sale among her stash and asked if anyone wanted to get it? i decided not to get it because i was waiting for version 2...now i'm thinking i should've bought it instead
hubby: oh, ok...so you bought the one with the red pouch instead? (pretending to be actively participating in the conversation)
me: no. i bought the one with the red pouch (a 22 pc brush set from Dollface Cosmetics) to do make up on other people, remember? now i have to take a few pieces of that set with me to put on my own make up since i don't have a personal one. darn, i really should've bought the last set if i knew i'd have nothing to use for this long...
hubby: how much was it then?
me: 1800...something (uncertain). thing is sophie said that the version 2 will be bigger and better, so the price would probably go up for version 2. my other concern is that it may not be travel sized anymore...
hubby: which means the brush will be too big for your face?
me: no! the handles will be longer!

Haha! Make up conversations with husband --fail! Charm Pro Travel Brush Set Prebuy --winner!!!

your every woman,


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