Sunday, June 13, 2010

My First Take on Prenup and Wedding Hair and Make Up

It's always a good thing when friends help each other out. In my case, it was made even better because I got to help our friends on their wedding day and help myself practice prenup and bridal hair and make up. Hubby practiced photography using our digicam too and had been thinking about getting a DSLR since!

After being required to be church wed by the priest who facilitated their son's christening seminar, these 2 didn't have a choice but to join the parish' mass wedding. And since there were no preparations, I offered to do make up on her just to experience it. And boy, it was a tough job! There's really a lot of pressure in bringing out the beauty of the bride! Here's a sneak peak on how everything turned out...

Turned out to be ok, didn't it? I'm not a professional. And I can't even say I'm a better option than getting makeup done by someone who studied it (...I could be a cheaper option though! :D ). All I can say is, I'm proud of my work and happy that the couple liked it. Congratulations Paolo and Rosha Beleno! Best wishes!

your every woman,


  1. Nako, good job, girl! She looks very fresh. Excellent bridal makeup. :D

  2. yey! thank you naman! i wish i could do this for a living! i should formally learn about this soon!