Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Women's Magazines and the Media's Portrayal of Beauty

Hi! I've been reading a lot of women's magazines and I felt that had I been taught to constantly buy pre-teens, teens, and women's magazines as I was growing up, I would not have this teeny weeny confidence I have now. Everytime I read them, I envision myself exposing my daughter to some good reads when she gets older and probably subscribe her to one she likes. But then I came across these links:



Of the 2 links, I relate to the Beauty Fool's better because it doesn't really suggest we stop buying women's magazines. It only warns us of some of the negative effects women's magazines may cause to self-esteem especially to young women. Then comes in the mommy in me...
First and foremost, I believe it's the parents' job to keep children's self esteem. By constantly acknowledging all the good in our children, finding ways of effectively reinforcing positive behavior, eradicating bad behavior in a discreet and objective way, trying our very best never to display favoritism even if we ever favor a child or two, adapting our parenting styles to suit each of our children's personalities, and simply showing our children all the love in the world, we already give them multiple shots of self-esteem.

If that has already been established, then we can educate our children as to how the media portrays beauty in such a stereotypical way that certain procedures enumerated in Beauty Fool's post had to be done to deliver it. And then, the fun part comes in...my daughter and I can work on make-up, contouring, highlighting, hair treatments, manicure, pedicure, facial, working out, staying healthy and glowing and every kikay stuff a girl can imagine! All in the right time! I'm so excited!

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