Thursday, August 6, 2009

Product Review: GIGA Ventures' Cold Rub

I've been lemming for an all-natural cold rub for my daughter and found one from GIGA ventures at the Greenhills Shopping Center but unfortunately I didn't have enough cash at the time. Good thing they reopened a booth at SM Megamall! Yey! I was able to score a tub of cold rub and lip balm from them. But because I've tried a lot of natural lip balms and they all worked well for my lips, I'm not going to review theirs anymore. Instead, let me show you their cold rub:

Cute isn't it? Too bad, it comes in only this size! But anyway, it's sooooooo minty! And the scent lingers longer than our good ol' Vicks Vapo-Rub, minus the harsh chemicals (see also to zoom ingredients list

And even though you apply some right under your nose just like how my grandma does whenever I had colds before, it doesn't have that stinging strength when smelled. It's more than just a cold rub too. I had hives 2 days ago which was very itchy. It was an allergic reaction on my end so I had to drink antihistamine to get rid of it, but of course, the itch doesn't go right away. And my, the minty sensation of GIGA Venture's cold rub soothed it!

I'd defintely buy again. Hope they come in really big tubs in the future!

Love lots,


  1. Thank you for your very nice review. Do visit our website to find other locations where you can find our products.

    God bless!
    Peping de Villa

    PS Can I post this at our facebook fan page?

  2. oh, thanks for dropping by! i've always liked visiting you kiosks and checking out your products. i also have another review on the way too!

    re: posting on fb...SURE!