Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Love Mother Earth Like Salt on Kitchen Beauty

When I came across this post from By Nature Handmade Soaps, the story "Love Like Salt" instantly came into my mind. I don't know how many people know this story but, it's the one where a king asked 2 of her daughters to describe the love they have for their father and while one said a lot of beautiful things, the other only said that she loves her father like salt. Enraged, the king didn't even wait for an explanation and sent the 2nd daughter away and disowned her. Then on one royal celebration, the 2nd daughter disguised herself as a cook and offered her services to the king. When the king tasted each of the entrees, they didn't taste as delicious as they were presented so he asked for the cook. The cook then explained that food without salt wouldn't taste anything, much like the 2nd princesses love for her father and revealed her true self. Well, that was a sharing that would seem like off topic, but then By Nature Handmade Soaps wants to share her love for mother earth by sharing this tip in cleaning silver jewelries:


Silver cleaners can be abrasive and harsh. Make your own cleaner for sterling (not plate) silver by mixing 560 ml (1 pint) of water with a teaspoon each of salt and baking powder and adding a strip of aluminum foil. Drop the silver into this mixture, boil for a few minutes, remove with thongs and polish with a soft cloth. Add lemon juice for really grimy silver.

Source: 1001 Little Ways To Save Our Planet by Esme Floyd

Nice one isn't it? Let's all share in the green bandwagon and S.O.A.P...Save Our Amazing Planet one step at a time.

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