Friday, April 24, 2009

How to Maximize Your Salary

For someone who doesn't have a family business, it's very difficult to budget one salary to reach the next isn't it? That is one major problem we've had as a young family. We decided not to live in either parents' house because we wanted to run our family on our own. Never mind the additional expenses of renting...It's better than a lost relationship!

Anyway, the things on my list are, rent, electricity, water, nanny pay, groceries, daily work allowance and transportation, Ella's milk and diapers, and tons of miscellaneous! So what's a mom to do? It's a good thing we both have work, but what about the other families out there? Well...of course, one is to have a really good side business (which I'm seriously thinking about having...) and another is careful and scrutinuous budgeting.

So for me, budgetting has become a science. I can't say that I don't run out of money, but these tip surely helped us live a somewhat comfortable life...hope it does for you too!

1. Write down all the things that are lacking or needs replacement in the house. This way, you prevent future unnecessary trips to the supermarket just to get them.

2. Make a WRITTEN menu of what you and your family would like to eat for the next couple of days and take note of the ingredients with the exact measurements. This should help you determine the things you really need when you hit the grocery.

3. Have a budget ready for a family weekend. You may not be planning one now, but who knows when the dad or the little one asks for one? Either they'd be disappointed by not being able to go because of lack of money, or there'd be a sudden difference in your budget if you obliged.

4. Plan big purchases ahead. If your planning to get one of those LCD tvs or that spin-dry washing machine, then make sure to plan it for when it is most "squeezable" in your budget . Since we're talking about salary, you most probably have a clear assumption of when you will be paid the most.

5. Buy in bulk. You not only do you save more but the supply will be enough for succeeding pay days, leaving you with extra money for that big purchase.

6. Save! Save! Save as much as you can in the bank, your personal vault, or a passbook account that would be more difficult to withdraw.

Do you have any budget saving tips? Please know!

your every woman,


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