Tuesday, January 4, 2011

To The Man I Love!!!

Behind every successful man is a woman...in our case, it's the other way around.
His words will only either build you up or pull you down...it depends on how you interpret it. And for most of the ones who've left because of that, I wonder where you are now. But that helped me become a leader.
He speaks the truth that no one would like to hear... t'was a good thing I listened.
He displays a comedic disposition, but is actually sensitive.
He shows a stern father to her daughter, but is actually soft.
He can be seen as authoritative, but is actually submissive.
He can be cruel in an instance, but is actually kind.
He is addicted to online gaming, but it helped him become some sort of a tech whiz.
He looks innocent, but is very naughty.
He created one of the greatest deceipts its in my life and I love it.
It doesn't seem like a special day today, but this is the day he was born for me.
Happy Birthday my dear Bessy! We love you so much!!!

your every woman,


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