Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ella's First Trip to the Dentist

If you read parenting books and magazines from the US, most of them would suggest that babies should meet up with a dentist within 6 months of the first tooth eruption. I guess it's not a sort of protocol here in the Philippines...Ahh, I can still remember the look on the dentist's face when I brought 1 year old Ella for a check-up and said she doesn't have tooth problems!

Anyway, fast forward to last Tuesday. I brought Ella to the dentist again because there are white spots on her teeth. And my...she was sooo brave!

The dentist said they have become part of her tooth enamel and would lead to cavities if not taken care of. She said it could be caused by teeth being soaked in milk. When I researched further, the closest I can associate it to is dental caries. Fluoride something was applied to her teeth and the process is supposed to be repeated every 6 months to prevent tooth cavities. Drew forgot the name of the exact procedure, but it could be called Fluoride varnish based from the same link.

Have you brought your tots to the dentist? They might need this treatment too!

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