Friday, December 31, 2010

Thank You Lord For Another Wonderful Year!!!

Thank you Lord for another fruitful year! You have given me and my family numerous blessings in all aspects of life and because of that, I dedicate this post to you! Cheers!

1. 23 Followers on this blog... you are all sooo beautiful! Thank you!

2. Lots of make up opportunities. And hopefully, more to come!

3. My promotion and my new team... (Not to mention a new job for my brother and promotions for 2 of the best ladies in the world, Karen and Mye...Congratulations peeps!!!) Love you guys!

4. Drew's insurance through Sunlife Financial: Another saving opportunity (and give saving a double meaning!) Thanks JD!

5. My cousin to take care of my little princess...Finally, my mind is at peace!

6. A healthy and happy family!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

your every woman,


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