Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Extend the Staying Power of Eyeliner - The Colorful Way!

There are a lot of tricks in the book as to how we can extend the staying power of eyeliner. The most common is the loose powder>liner>loose powder trick. Of course, it wouldn't hurt to apply eyeshadow primer prior to those 3 special steps (You'd understand that line if you have a kid whose addicted to Playhouse Disney!). Anyway, not only was I able to prove that it works, but I was also able to discover a cheap way of achieving several colors of dark eyeliner! Are you ready? Here's how:

Have a reliable black pencil eyeliner handy. I use Revlon's Luxurious Color Kohl Eyeliner in matte black. Line your eyes with it like you normally would. And don't fuss about not having a straight line, it should be corrected by this tip as well!

Prepare eyeshadow color you used on the darkest part of your eye make up. I used a dark violet shade from Dollface Cosmetics' 78 color palette, the color I used for the outer V.

Get a stiff eyeliner brush, dip it on the eyeshadow and use it to smudge your black eyeliner. I used the flat liner brush from Charm's travel pro set v2.

See how your black eyeliner seem like dark violet now?

The best thing about this is that, you can practically turn any color of eyeshadow into dark eyeliner with just one eyeliner color - Black!

Pretty neat huh?!

I don't know how original this trick is...All I can say is that it works for me! Let me know if it works for you too!

your every woman,


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