Monday, October 4, 2010

10 to 26: A Gift To Myself

One thing that is getting in the way of my success is self-esteem. I wouldn't go into much detail, but I didn't have a happy childhood, and because of that I grew up having a hard time dealing with people. I know some of you will say that it doesn't show, and I admit I can be a good faker when it comes to that. But I want an end to this not only for myself but also for my loved ones. I don't want to disappoint Drew anymore. But more importantly, I don't want to generate an aura or behavior that would lead Ella to have low self esteem too.

So every monday from now until my 26th birthday (Oooh, that's exactly 10 mondays from now!), I'll be posting at least one conscious effort to assert myself, boost my self esteem and deal with people better. Anyone or anything that can help me in the process will be highly appreciated.

For my first post, I promise to greet anyone I know, have known, and have been acquainted with as soon as I see them anywhere in the world. So if you know me and see me somewhere, don't give me a hard time...Please?

your every woman,


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