Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Teach Your Child Values

Teach your child values instead of rules
Give them life guidelines
And not laws for fools

Your child is not yours,
Someday you’ll let go
So it’s best they have principles
That they keep as they grow

Teach your child Respect for other people
Even though some people will not earn it
It’s your child who will learn it
And it will be beneficial

When she learns to respect others
She will value their time
It will save her from tardiness
And she’ll never be left behind

Teach your child Integrity
It will help her discern
What is right when no one’s watching
There won’t be cause for concern

Integrity will teach her
To be honest and true
It will reflect in her decisions
And she’ll always pull through

Teach your child Industry
Give her tasks around the house
She’ll learn to clean, cook and wash clothes
And it’s not for her spouse

You’ll want her to be independent
As she follows her dream
You’ll be confident she’ll get by
When it’s time for her to wean

Teach your child Hardwork and Passion
And nothing great comes easy
So when faced with challenges
She will never grow weary

Tell her success is sweet
When you’ve poured out your all
Tell her never to give up
Even after a fall

Teach your child Compassion
For anyone she meets
Let her know she’s blessed
And a blessing, she can be

There are little things she can do for other people
That would give them a break
Imagine it being multiplied
And the difference it would make

Your teachings are not for the world to see
How great you are as a parent can be
Do it for your little one to ensure that she
Will be her best self when you set her free

So instead of do’s and don’t’s, let’s try
To teach them things they can apply
They’ll appreciate things they don’t learn in schools
When you teach them values instead of rules

your every woman,


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