Sunday, June 21, 2015

Why We Need Dads

In this day and age, we have accepted the way families can strive without dads. After all, moms can already provide for the family,do household troubleshooting, and provide guidance which is basically what dads are expected to do. However, as I was browsing through family pictures, I realized why having a dad in the family is an absolute necessity and why you should appreciate that man in your household:

1) Because children need someone to show them how dates should be.

2) Because an extra pair of thighs is necessary for a good sleep.

3) Because he's great at capturing priceless family events!

(first family bus ride)

4) Because he's great at carrying the kids... both of them!

5) Because he's great at improvising ways to take care of the children.

6) Because we need to practice applying makeup on a virgin face.

7) Because you need to know that having a mustache when you're a girl isn't so bad after all.

8) Because daughters need a faster way to dry their hair.

9) Because the kids need to look like someone other than their mom.

10) Because our dad is the best dad of all and we can't imagine life without him

Happy Father's Day to the man who is a perfect example of how all men should be. We love you so much!



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