Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I have an artist for a daughter!

Isabella has always been very good in whatever she does. Because of this, we were kind of confused as to which of her skills needed to be formally honed. We are a middle class family and we can't afford to send her to several specialty schools just to find out which she would excel in. Good thing we were blessed to find out early that Isabella is an artist.

water color

pencil imitation of illustration from Old Mother Hubbard

Recently, she received these recognitions:

1st honor and Best in Art. We're so proud of you Anak!

This strengthened our will to enroll Isabella in art school. Thank God for blessing us with a means to do so.

KidzArt Mandaluyong

And by the 1st day, Isabella wowed us with her work:

shading with colored markers

Next up? Sculpting! She said she wanted to learn how to properly mold polymer clay. There's really no stopping our little artist!

your every woman,


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