Thursday, March 27, 2014

Red, White and Black: Stimulating Infant Vision

Did you know that the first colors an infant sees are red, white and black? I learned this before Ella was born. So to stimulate vision and thus stimulate brain development, I replace their baby mobile attachments with something red, white and black. 

When buying a baby mobile, opt for a not-so-expensive one wherein the attachments can be replaced. I bought ours for just P299 at Robinson's Department Store's baby section. There's a dial that you turn around for it to play music - nice and simple with no need for batteries! Just create anything with red, white and black with just enough size and weight to replace the original attachments on your baby mobile. I used cartolina to create the figures in the picture but you can use fabric and stuff it with cotton. That way they can also be the perfect first stuffed toys for your little one! Happy crafting!

your every woman,


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