Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hair Happiness!!!

One of the best things about having a baby girl, is that she is sometimes the extension of a mother's happy childhood! Remember your favorite dolly? The one you love to dress up and style hair? It's like she has come to life... in your daughter!!!

When I was looking for sample hairstyles that I would do to Ella on my brother's wedding, I found out about wherein a mommy posts hairstyles that she does on her daughter and how to do them. Since then, just about the same time that Ella started school, it has been my addiction to always make sure her hair is styled (that is...only when I'm around). Not only does it tame her curly baby hair, but it also adds a little glam to her everyday uniform. Here are a few photos of what we've done so far:

classes were suspended because of a to the mall!

ready for school!

home after school

I know it's not as beautiful and complicated as the one in Princess Hairstyles but they sure look pretty on Ella, don't you think so? I hope I could do this every single day... *sigh*

your every woman,


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