Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How To Make A Nappy Cake!

Last July 18, my cousin's son was welcomed into Christianhood and she decided to make me a godmother. I just thought that it would be the best time to make a nappy cake as I've never made one before, but I'm really interested in making one.
I eventually realized that making a nappy cake is one of those "easier said than done" things. Haha! I looked at nappy cakes on the web and not even bother looking at instructions because I thought to myself "I can make one of these, it's TOO easy!" Then what I came up with is soo mediocre...but I'm still proud of it!
How did I do it?
1.I rolled several pieces of white disposable diapers and secured the rolls with thread. Maker's of diaper cakes use rubber bands so it'd be easier, but it was rainy and I wasn't able to buy some.
2.I surrounded a milk dispenser with the rolled diapers until it made a round "cake" large enough to fit on top of a baby record book. I secured it with a very large rubber band...the only one I had available at the moment.
3.I replaced some of the rolled diapers with 3 Sesame Street BPA free baby bottles (...these are very affordable, by the way, at P245.75 for a set of 3!) and a bottle of Human Heart Nature Baby Shampoo.
4. In the middle, I made a little teddy bear sit on the spaces made by the bottles and also added a nasal aspirator, baby toothbrush and a pacifier in different places on my nappy cake.
5. I tied the "cake" with blue ribbon and used a baby record book as base. I wrapped the whole thing with transparent cellophane and tied it with another blue ribbon.
Hahahaha! Not bad for a first timer huh?!

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