Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ella's Hair Can Be Clipped! Yey!

Hi! My daughter was born into this world bald. Not that it's something unusual, but it kind of removed my joy of hairstyling a baby girl. She turned 1 and her hair remained thin and short that she looked like a boy. Elders advised me to have Ella's hair shaved or trimmed so it'd grow longer and thicker, and we did. But her hair remained the same. Now that she's 19 months, guess what! It's still thin, short and wavy! Wehehehe!

But yes, it can be clipped...or tied into an very small, sort-of illusional pigtail. For now, this will do. I just hope Ella would have very nice, thick and flowing hair when she grows up.

Love lots,


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