Monday, January 28, 2013

The Bessies Got Married!

Drew and I met at a training class for a call center company in December of 2006. At that time, I already had a boyfriend. I've been in class with him for almost a month but didn't really get to be acquainted with him until the pyrotechnics display at MOA in January of 2007, when my on-again-off-again boyfriend was off again. We didn't fall at first sight, in fact, I was even disgusted at his childish disposition after not being able to eat dinner on time on our first date. But we liked each other's company so much that we called each other bessy. None of us claimed that we're a couple, telling everyone we're just bestfriends. After a month of being bestfriends, we conceived Ella. Back then everyone thought it was just another whirlwind romance of kids who just played with fire. I thought so too and even prepared myself to be left alone.

Fast forward to 2012, we're still together and our relationship grew stronger than ever. We decided to get married on January 13, 2013 - our 6th anniversary, getting ourselves ad iPad and an iPod as engagement gifts. We intended to have a simple church wedding, but because of a series of quite unfortunate events, we bacame bankrupt. Drew wanted to still go through with a wedding and a civil wedding is the most practical one. We processed our papers and by January, our marriage license was ready.

In Mandaluyong, it's the judge's decision when they can marry a couple. And because we can't afford any delay in our marriage because we already filed leaves for it, we were advised to check Manila. In the morning of January 7, 2013, we woke up a bit late because Isabella had been experiencing very high fever for quite a while then. We entrusted her to my mom and without having taken a bath, we went to Manila City Hall to inquire about a wedding. To our surprise, the representative there said that we can get married anytime! So we did! Right then and there!

Maybe we're used to things happening in an instant. Maybe we're good at turning unplanned events into great beginnings. But one thing remains the same, Drew and I are meant to be. And we are confident that whatever happens, we're still gonna be together. So life, bring it on!!!

your every woman,


  1. This is such a touching recount of your marriage. Naluha ako kaya. :')

  2. awww...thanks prinsesahailie! kami di rinmakapaniwala ma we're finally married!