Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Our yaya bailed out again! And if you've been reading this blog, you'll know the many times we've had problems with helpers. Even then, I've been thinking about having a US family set-up where kids are left at day care the whole time the parents are at work. It will be the perfect set-up for us since we can't afford having one stay at home parent. Ella will learn how to co-exist with other people -children and adults, while learning how to read, write and all that stuff! She will also learn to be independent and that she cannot be the only one being attended too.

She's turning 3 this November. She already learned to control separation anxiety. She's already potty trained, both for number 1 and 2. She already drinks milk in a glass in the morning. She can work her way around with little supervision. The yaya set-up she grew up in is pretty much like the day care set-up with no mommy and daddy! ...But with more friends, more play, and more learning!

But now that I actually found a school, just a ride away from our house, that offers this kind of set-up... I want to know, is it really for us? Has anyone been through the same set-up? What are your pros and cons?

This development is scary, and a risky decision to make! Like I always said, parents decisions can make or break their children's future...I wouldn't want to break Ella's!

your every woman,


  1. I'm not sure what mums think, but I think she'll be okay there. It sounds like you've raised a really smart cookie, so I think she'll be fine in a school setting! :D

  2. thanks lizz! unfortunately, when we visited the school that offered such a setting, we were very disappointed! theoretically, the offer was good, but i doubt if they'll deliver. there were no sleeping rooms: i asked where they intend to make the toddlers sleep during naptime, and they said they have foldable matresses to be spread on vacant classrooms! the teachers don't come in uniforms: one even looked as if he just got out of bed! the lighting of the whole school was dim. the number of teachers/caregivers is too small to be able to focus on each toddler on a whole day set-up. not to mention, the teacher and the receptionist who welcomed us didn't speak very good English. *sigh* the Philippines is such an infant when it comes to women and urbanization...there are very few options for the working woman/mother.